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About Us


Together with industrialization and modernization, the establishment of many factories and industrial parks discharged a big amount of industrial waste that having ability to cause many problems to the environmnent. In order to overcome this situation, Van Lang company was established according to the Decree No. 4102001142 by Department of Planning and Investment Hochiminh City.

With over 20 years of experience, VLC has exerted all strength to improve the Technical Quality and Client Services. Hence, VLC has reputation trademark on Environmental Treatment Field…

+ For the clients: We commit to provide clients services and projects with high quality and reasonable price. We always improve and apply productive and modern technologies to serve client’s demands with motto Prestige – Quality – Devoted Service;

+ For the staffs: We always build an active and creative workplace. We make opportunities for staffs to get high and stable income;

+ For the society: We contribute to social activities excitedly. We balance between the business development and the society benefit.